What is Clean Eating?

You’ve probably heard about clean eating, but do you know what that term means?

Clean eating is simple!  It’s basically eating real, whole foods and staying away from processed foods or “fake” foods.  It’s avoiding the added chemicals, sugars, sweeteners, flavoring or colors.

Focus on eating lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, grains and drinking a good amount of water.  God has given us so many healthy and wonderful foods.  Focus on enjoying an abundance of the foods that are good for you and not on the deprivation of the sugary and fried foods that aren’t helping you reach your goals.

You don’t have to dive in full force.  Just start by looking at the ingredient lists in the foods you eat.  Choose 1-2 foods to eliminate each week and 1-2 new healthy foods to add in each week.  Make changes that you can stick with!  This is a lifestyle, not a temporary diet!!!!

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