Beachbody Performance Line Review

It is such an honor to have Alise Taylor guest blogging and reviewing the new performance line for me.  She is an incredibly accomplished athlete and is knowledgeable about proper nutrition while training.  If you have questions about any of these products or want more information, please contact me.  -Michelle

Review by Alise TaylorBeachbody Performance Line


My name is Alise Taylor. I’m an avid runner and high school track and cross country coach who is passionate about my health and nutrition. I was a D1 collegiate athlete for 4 years, running track and cross country. I’ve used multiple performance lines throughout my career, so I know what I like and what works for me.


When the box arrived in the mail it was like Christmas! I opened it up to find 5 nicely packaged mixes: Energize, Hydrate, Recharge, Recover and Creatine, along with a System Guide explaining the use of each part. Each individual package contained nutrition facts, which I appreciated.


Ingredients: I like that you get a good amount of electrolytes, and that the sugar here is natural beet sugar and stevia, with some natural caffeine from green tea. I’m not sure how I feel about consuming silica, although it is the last item listed on the ingredients, and was also present in my other energy mix. When I mixed it in with water, the first thing I noticed right off the bat was that the mix dissolved very smoothly, even in cold water. Other mixes I use need at least lukewarm water to dissolve or I will have to manually break up clumps. Because I was prepping for a run, I added the mix to 12 oz. of water and was glad I did. The mix was strong, and very lemony. I will probably dilute the mix to 20 oz. next time. I didn’t have any stomach discomfort, but I did find myself a bit wired.


Ingredients: Good amount of electrolytes, and natural sugar.
I used the hydration mix after a long cross country meet where I was totally dehydrated, so I mixed it with 16 oz. The citrus mix was very smooth, almost milky with no grit. The bright neon yellow color took me by surprise for a minute but it didn’t stain my tongue. The flavor was good, not very sweet but lightly flavored. I’m used to a slightly salty hydration drink so this was different. Once again, no upset stomach or negative side effects. I felt good the rest of the day and recovered well.


Chocolate flavor. I am not the kind of person to mix protein powder with just water. I just don’t like protein flavor/texture, and plus I look forward to a good sweet smoothie where I can pack in a bunch of other nutrients. Since this is post-run for me i’m not afraid to add in the volume. So I mixed the Recover powder with a frozen banana and some almond milk. Normally I would add in some kale, coconut oil, flax and/or peanut butter, but I wanted to taste the mix. The chocolate flavor was delicious. I didn’t get much protein aftertaste.


Ingredients: I have waivered in what kind of protein is best for me (plant-based, whey, soy), and currently believe that animal based proteins are best for muscle recovery. This mix is loaded with 20 oz of protein so it packs a punch. Unfortunately with animal products comes cholesterol so that’s just part of it. As a woman who doesn’t drink milk, I constantly struggle to get enough calcium, so the 420 mg of calcium is an added bonus. More electrolytes are in this too, so if you take the Energize, Hydrate, Recover and Recharge in the same day, you are loaded up on electrolytes. Tart cherry is the leader in antioxidants right now and is a hot item in the running industry due to it’s ability to fight free radicals in the body. I really like that this is in the Recharge powder, and is a unique ingredient that I haven’t seen added to other protein drinks.
A night time protein drink is new to me so I found it a little difficult to fit this powder into my day. We typically eat late due to busy schedules, so I feel like a big dinner including a protein, followed by a protein drink is protein overload. If I continued to use this powder I would likely use it on a night when I ate a vegetarian dinner. I’m not a big proponent of meal replacement drinks because my body craves solid food. I ended up using the protein shake as dessert.
The vanilla flavor was really yummy! The protein taste is very subtle and I liked the vanilla flavor. I mixed the powder with almond milk, coconut oil, ½ frozen banana, and a handful of frozen strawberries. I felt good the next day.


Overall, it’s impossible to say whether the Beachbody Performance line is effective from one serving. However, I did not have any negative side effects such as upset stomach or noticeable fatigue/soreness and I ran during the period I was trying the product. All of the products tasted really good except the Energize was a little strong for me. I felt great on the days that I used the mixes, and I believe in the ingredients. I like that the whole product line uses stevia instead of other sugars, and animal protein (although knowing Beachbody, they probably have vegan protein versions available). I saw the same ingredients in a few of the mixes so I would probably not use the entire line in one day. However, for a hard workout day, I think an athlete should have at least a pre-, during-, and post-workout drink so I would probably choose three of these per day based on my needs. My favorite product in the line is Recharge, but I would use it in place of the Recover due to the tart cherry.

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