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Guest Blogger: Jamie Watkins

As a consumer, I had been conditioned to think that all products that are labeled natural or organic have been regulated and verified, but after many years of studying labels, this is not the case for many products. In today’s marketplace, it’s getting harder and harder to identify the companies who are genuinely dedicated to putting public health before private profit.

My name is Jamie Watkins and over the last 10 years I have been on a journey to make my home, body and environment as toxic-free as I can. I am passionate about helping people live a toxic-free life.

Did you know 90% of cancer is not only lifestyle related, but environmental? And it turns out the home is the most toxic place where we spend the most time! You can reduce your risk of cancer just by paying closer attention to what goes in your body (the foods you eat), what goes on your body (the personal care products you use every day) and what you allow around your body (like household products and cleaners).

Many of us are on a journey to get our bodies healthy, by eating right and losing weight and exercising more. I am right there with you. My weight is a continual battle one I am still working on. If you are like me you are trying to eat more raw, organic foods, less meats and when we do grass-fed meats without antibiotics. We have begun to look at those food labels and question what all those things are we cannot pronounce on the label. I applaud you, but without looking at all the things your are using in and around our homes and on our bodies, we are not be allowing our body to work efficiently because our liver is over taxed trying to filter all those chemicals.

First we must gain KNOWLEDGE. The good news is it really isn’t as hard as it might seem. There are 2 wonderful resources I use: Environmental Working Groups ( and an app, Think Dirty. EWG is a wealth of information. You can look up specific chemicals and products to see how dangerous or safe they are. The think dirty app allows you to scan items as you are out shopping to see the rating. Once you begin to study and look closely at labels you become AWARE of what’s healthy and what’s harmful out there. Second, you must go around your home and REMOVE all the products that are harmful. You will be surprised that you will virtually empty all your cleaning supplies, personal care items, etc. And finally you must begin to REPLACE and find alternative products. I know when I first began I couldn’t afford to throw it all out and start from scratch, as much as I wanted those things out of my home!!! I started each month replacing several things.

The good news, you can do it. Just start! Take baby steps. There are some companies out there doing it right and you can trust. One I would love to share with you is the company I am associated with, Go Beyond Natural. We are dedicated to Do No Harm. Our products contain only natural, organic and ToxicFree ®  ingredients. It is a company that wants to help others live a healthy, happy and ToxicFree ®  lifestyle. Go Beyond Natural is committed to quality and transparency in our products (down to certifying the individual integrity of each ingredient), to providing you with the education you need to shop confidently.

It my goal to help you be your happiest, healthiest you, both inside and out! If I can help you in anyway please contact me:, 918-809- 7639,

Here are a few of the products I love along with essential oils, I believe oils are one of our greatest healing products when they are of the highest quality.

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