My Story of Transformation

11822282_1628339180737438_510648600915068011_nTransformation Tuesday: My Journey to Healthier Living

My journey to greater health hasn’t been a fast one and I honestly am still not where I’d like to be, BUT I am a different person as a result of my journey.

That girl on the left was self-conscious and really uncomfortable in her skin. Getting dressed was a daily chore because nothing looked or felt like I wished it would have. I was fearful of what others thought and held back in life because of my lack of confidence.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m doing things I never thought I would! I’m stepping out with boldness and working on me. I’m learning to turn my struggles and anxiety to the Lord and not food. I’m stronger, more energetic, healthier, more productive and am a better wife and mom as a result.

In 2013, my son turned 2 and I decided enough was enough and that I was going to lose the weight that I had gained during our infertility and miscarriage journey and my pregnancy weight from having him.  I met my coach online and started in on what would turn out to be a life changing journey.  I purchased a challenge pack complete with a workout program on DVD, meal plan and 30 days worth of nutrient rich shakes.  Following this program along with the accountability and encouragement from the online group was exactly what I needed to see changes in my body.  Three months in, I was feeling great and seeing changes in my body when we were SHOCKED to find out that we were expecting.  After years of trying to get pregnant and then losing the pregnancies, we were so incredibly hopeful at our first doctor’s appointment that we’d see a heartbeat, instead of one heartbeat we saw two.  I truly believe that gaining back my health is also the vehicle that the Lord used to bless us with our precious twin girls.

My pregnancy with the twins was a tough one and set me back in my efforts to continue to improve my health, but I jumped back in with more nutritious food choices and exercise as soon as I was able and once again saw and felt the influence of healthier choices.  

My transformation has been so much more than just a physical transformation. It’s also been a spiritual, mental and emotional transformation.  My faith in the Lord is more deeply rooted, my confidence stronger, my energy higher and my focus improved!

I have seen woman after woman transform as a result of finding health and fitness, a community that encourages them and intentionally seeking the Lord for strength in the journey.  And not only have I seen women’s lives changed, but I’ve seen families’ lives changed.
Imagine where you could be in your transformation journey if you started now?! Reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you about your goals and to be an encouragement and support as you take control of your health and change your life!

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