Life Planning: Spiritual Growth

life planning spiritual growthThe process of life planning has been a very eye-opening and beneficial one for me. In far too many of the areas of my life that I would consider a priority, I found that where I wanted to be and where I actually was were FAR from the same.  My spiritual growth was one of these.


When I started life planning in March, one area that it was very clear that I wanted to be more intentional, focused growth was my spiritual life.  I love the Lord, have given Him my heart and desire to walk with Him daily, but when I really looked at what I was daily doing to pursue this growth and relationship, I fell VERY short!


My goal is to live my life in a way so that there is no question of my faith or loyalty to my Savior.  I want others to see Him in me and know where my joy and hope lies.  My desire is to be growing in my relationship with the Lord through Bible Study and prayer, understanding and walking out His purpose for me.  The reality was that I had been very ‘hit and miss’ with my Bible study and prayer time and I didn’t have a solid plan or focus in these areas.  I don’t know how I thought I was going to grow in my faith by going day to day “winging” in without a plan.  As a part of my life planning, I put pen to paper and started writing down some action steps.  I came up with four very simple and manageable, but doable action steps and I came up with a plan to implement them.  Three months later, I decided to go back through this process with the ladies in my Intentional Living Academy.  While I certainly haven’t attained all of the goals in this area, I have made huge steps in the right direction just by implementing those 4 action steps.


I’m such a believer in the process that I take the ladies in my Intentional Living Academy through because I’ve seen it work in my own life as well as in the lives of others.
If you are interested in talking more about life planning, your goals or my Intentional Living Academy, please reach out to me via the Contact tab at the top!  I’d love to help you life your best life!

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