High Fiber Baked Goods

high fiber high proteinSilver Fern Brand has provided product for this review. No monetary compensation was provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Confession: I have a sweet tooth. . . like a serious sweet tooth! And, sadly, I’ve passed that on to my kids.  We don’t often have sweets at home because, well frankly, they aren’t safe in our home. Our family can gobble down a pan of brownies or plate of cookies in no time flat, so we do best to keep the sweets out of the house and enjoy them as a treat when we are out.  


You can only imagine my excitement to hear that I was going to have the opportunity to review some baking mixes that were healthy and, specifically, high-fiber and high-protein treats! I have to admit I was skeptical, but also optimistic.  


high fiberThe first Paka Mix we tried was the Double-Chocolate Brownies. While they didn’t taste exactly like the sugar-filled brownies we’ve made in the past, I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed them. They satisfied my sweet tooth and I was loving both the nutrition info and the ingredients. At 5 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per brownie, this is something that I can get excited about sharing with my kids and not feel too guilty about indulging my sweet tooth. There was also some built-in portion control with knowing that there were 6 grams of fiber, so it wouldn’t have been wise to eat the entire pan.

high fiber


The next Paka Mix that we tried was the blueberry muffins. These were an incredible hit with my kids! So much so that there were tears when I cut them off at one muffin each. The blueberries tasted wonderful, they weren’t too sweet, and they were also protein- and fiber-filled, which this mama loves! This mix will definitely be reordered for our family.



protein pancakes


The third Paka Baking Mix that we tried was the Protein Pancakes. These were a huge hit at our house and fit nicely with my high-protein goal. At 16 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber, these made for a great and healthy addition to our breakfast for dinner meal. I made the entire box in one setting and froze what we had left over. It’s been nice to already have them made and pull pancakes out one at a time to heat for a meal or snack.


I was pleasantly surprised at all three of these baking mixes and will be reordering them. This mama loves to know that the good-tasting treats that I eat and that I feed my family also come with great health benefits!

You can find these products atwww.SilverFernBrand.com

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