Using Probiotics to Improve Weight Loss

IMG_8187What if there was more to losing weight than just eating less and exercising more?  It turns out that science is now suggesting that it’s possible to limit how many calories your body gets from the food you eat by altering the types of bacteria in your gut.  These studies show that our gut bacteria have a direct reflection on our weight and can directly affect our metabolism.


I was floored after reading the research!  What if dropping weight could start as easily as adding a high quality probiotic to a high-fiber diet?  I’d be sold for sure!


Making Sense of the Science

At first this concept seemed pretty complicated, but as I continued to read more about it, it wasn’t as confusing as I had first thought.  Basically, the ratio of bacteriodetes to firmicutes, both types of bacteria found in the gut, is what directly affects our metabolism. People with more bacteriodetes bacteria tend to be leaner, while people with more firmicutes in their guts tend to be obese, have metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and inflammation.  


Knowing this, we should try to grow the number of bacteriodetes bacteria in our guts.  The first step to doing this is to eat a diet high in fiber supporting the growth of bacteriodetes.  Another way of affecting gut health is by reducing the amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners we consume.  Firmicutes thrive on sugar and simple carbohydrates, so cutting or limiting these from the diet help to starve the bad bacteria.  Incorporating intermittent fasting approximately 5 days a week (a fasting window of 12-14 hours a day) allows time for bacteroidetes to grow, too.  


Once you’ve changed your eating habits to help promote the growth of “good” gut bacteria, the next step is to be sure that you are consuming the right kind of probiotic. The right probiotic will convert fiber and protein into fat-busting compounds instead of just creating gas.  Consuming high-fiber and nutrient-rich foods along with a probiotic will help convert the fiber to SCFAs (short chain fatty-acids), which are critical in getting the metabolic benefits that lead to increased weight loss.


Not all probiotics are created equal

When looking for a probiotic to help increase the number of good bacteria in your gut, you’ll want to look for one that contains at least 1 billion CFU of Bacillus endospores (a type of bacteroidetes bacteria).  I was thrilled to discover that the Wai Drink Mixes from Silver Fern Brand that I’ve been drinking, contain 5 billion CFU, much more than the recommended 1 billion CFU. Wai Drink Mixes also contain the Bacillus endospores needed to increase the ratio of good to bad gut bacteria.  And, as as an added bonus, I love the taste of these drink mixes and my kids think they are a treat!


FullSizeRender (4)A quality probiotic, such as the probiotic found in Wai Drink Mixes, will also help to promote healthy fat metabolism. Good probiotics also boost your immune system from the inside out by directly affecting your gut flora. And, they help promote good digestion, too.  
What if boosting your weight loss was as simple as adding a quality probiotic to your fiber- and nutrient-rich diet each day?  According to this science, it is that simple! The good news is that you can change the programming of your gut by using the right probiotic and feeding the good bacteria in your gut by eating the right foods.


Disclaimer: Product was provided from the Silver Fern Brand Company but all opinions are my own.

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