The Best Workout for YOU!

14800272_10154230244414081_295278752_o-1Did you know that 100,000 to 1 million people will search “workouts”, “workout plans”, “workout programs”, etc. on the internet EACH MONTH?!  It seems that everyone is searching for the perfect workout plan that will bring the results that we so desperately want.


To complicate this, there are TONS of different kinds of workouts, everything from boot camps, crossfit, insanity, zumba, running, pilates, boxing, swimming, weight lifting, walking, cycling, tennis, and on and on.


There are 4 main types of exercises.  These include endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.  There are huge benefits to each of these and many workout programs will contain a combination of several of these.   


But the truth of the matter is, that you could pick any of these different types of workouts, but if you won’t stick with it, it doesn’t matter how great the exercise is!  The Daniel Plan uses the phrase, “The best workout for you is the one that you will do.”  It’s such a true statement.  You are far better off to find an exercise that you enjoy and want to do, than to force yourself to do something you dread.


Chalene Johnson terms it your “Soul-mate workout”.  It’s a workout that makes you feel alive.  The time passes fast and then you look forward to your next workout.  She says, “Your soul-mate workout clears your mind, calms your emotions, awakens your spirit, gives you energy, creativity, and drive.”


14741681_10154230254784081_1915879503_nMy soul-mate workouts are dancing and strength training.  I grew up dancing, but stopped when I went to college.  This was partially due to burn out and partially due to not having access to dance classes.  When they released Cize Live last year, I fell in love with dancing all over again.  I got certified to teach it last April and am actually teaching twice a week back in the studio that I took classes growing up.  If you are local and interested in joining us for a class click here.


My other favorite is strength training, specifically with the bar and weighted plates.  I love lifting heavy and the feeling of gaining strength.  I also love that you continue to burn calories for hours after a good strength training session and it positively affects metabolism.  I’m all about calorie burn and increased metabolism.  


So, I’d love to know.  What is your favorite type of exercise? What is your soul-mate workout?

If you aren’t sure what your soul-mate workout is, let’s talk and see if we can figure it out!

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