You need a Success Partner!

img_7802Are you a female entrepreneur wanting to grow your small business?  Do you have a Success Partner?

I don’t know where I’d be without my success partner!

This is one of my top tips for female entrepreneurs who are wanting to grow their business!

Are you familiar with the term Success Partner?

A success partner is someone that you can trust, understands your business and what you are working toward, and genuinely wants the best for you.

Your success partner serves as a sounding board, someone to hold you accountable, to cheer you on, to brainstorm with and someone to speak truth to you. And to be honest, having this partnership helps keep me from talking constantly about my business with my husband. 

Over two years ago, I paired up with the beautiful, incredibly sweet, and very gifted Rachel Meigs King. Rachel and I are very similar in some aspects but also have different giftings that have complemented one another over the last couple of years. We’ve been able to sharpen each other in our spiritual lives, personal lives and in our businesses.

img_7811One thing that Rachel and I started doing early in our partnership was getting on the phone weekly and talking through our Power Hour.  This held me accountable to do the things that mattered most in moving my business forward. I knew she was going to hold me responsible and I didn’t want to fail her.

It’s also nice to know that I can text her and a couple of other best business friends, when I’m struggling with something, need feedback, need to vent, or anything else.  

As our businesses have evolved, so have our conversations and brainstorming.  Over the course of the last month, Rachel and I have been talking through combining our strengths and passions. We are incredibly exciting to announce that we are preparing to kick off a new program together. We are so excited about serving female entrepreneurs and teaching them everything that we wish we knew 3 years ago as we started our businesses!

These are things that we didn’t learn from our Network Marketing companies.  These are things that we’ve learned from our business coach.  They are things we’ve learned from lots of research and personal development.  They’ve come from conferences and trainings we attended and to be honest . . . much of it has come from learning it the hard way through mistakes and trial and error.

This course is PACKED full of information – everything from: getting clear on the who, what and why of your business, social media marketing, content market – helping you to provide value to your following, growing your following and potential client list, daily and weekly tasks will help move your business forward, tracking your business finances – income and expenses, systems to save you time and money, and WAY more.


This program is perfect for:  Female entrepreneurs who believe in their product or service, want to grow their small business to help others and be able to contribute to their family income.

We will kick off our first Business Basics course on January 9th and we would love for you to be a part of it.

CLICK HERE to sign up for a free 15 minute consult to talk through your small business needs and if this program would be right for you.b

CLICK HERE if you’d like to sign up to receive our FREE guide: Boost your Power Hour and other helpful tips.

Rachel are I are both genuinely interested in helping you grow your business as you provide value and help others, as well as help to you provide additional income for your family!

We’re excited to work with you in the coming month and help you to reach your full potential in your business!

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