The Next Step in Your Business

2016-09-16-12-56-32Ready to turn your hobby business into a successful, growing business?


Hiring a business coach was a game changer for me!  It helped me take my hobby and turn it into a business.  


I will never forget the excitement of seeing my small little checks from the network marketing company start to grow.  My small business started to grow and evolve as I found my niche, and in time, those weekly checks started to pay for bills and luxuries that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.


I remember being scared and really questioning my decision to invest in a business coach.  I wasn’t totally convinced that it was necessary or that I was going to get a return on my investment.  Looking back over my business finance statements recently, I was pleasantly surprised at the growth that my business has made. I truly believe that hiring a business coach and going through a course on business basics was what brought the change.


There have been many benefits that have come from this investment and relationship.  Some of them include:


CONFIDENCE – My coach pushed me, very often outside of my comfort zone.  She believed in me and helped me get over my fears.  I am doing things now that I never thought that I could and I truly believe it’s because I was pushed and encouraged and challenged by someone else.


ACCOUNTABILITY – Many of the tasks that are most important in growing a small business are tasks that aren’t my favorite.  They are things that I could easily procrastinate on if someone wasn’t holding me accountable.  Each time that I has a call with my coach, she gave me a list of action items.  They weren’t always things that I wanted to do, but each of them pushed me toward growth.  I knew that I was going to be accountable for those assignments and action items, which is what helped me to focus in and get them finished.  


COACHING – My business coach pushed me to think bigger!  She challenged me to never settle.  She helped me set goals and then hustle to make them happen.  She was a sounding board often helping me take my ideas and improve upon them so that I could better serve my ideal client.


NEW LEARNING – I had no idea what I was getting into when I first decided to work my business after partnering with a network marketing company.  I quickly learned that there was a lot that I didn’t know.  I learned a great deal from my coach, but was also made aware of other incredibly valuable resources that would help me to fill my specific needs as a business owner.


TEAMWORK – One of the huge benefits of working with a business coach is the community of female entrepreneurs who are also working with your coach.  Powerful things happen when women support one another.  I have developed an abundance mindset as I have worked with this group of women.  There are so many entrepreneurs with a scarcity mindset, afraid that if they support other entrepreneurs that they will lose business.  Instead, I’ve learned to recognize that incredible number of people that can and need to be helped by my or others in my community of female entrepreneurs.  We do this through supporting each other on social media, as well as referring people to one another’s programs.


It is because of the value that we saw in hiring a business coach that Rachel King and I have decided to put our passions and knowledge in the areas of growing a small business, systems, organization, productivity, and business finance to teach you what we wish we had known much earlier in our businesses.


We would love to be your business coaches!  Helping you to grow in confidence, coaching you to think bigger and challenging you, inviting you into our community of female entrepreneurs to network and support one another, and teaching you systems, processes, and marketing strategies.  
If you are interested in our next Business Basics Course, please click here to learn more!

Photo credit: Nancy Wilson Photography

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