Intentional Living Academy

2016-09-16-12-56-32Living a Life of Purpose and Productivity

Are you tired of getting to the end of the day with feelings of guilt or exhaustion?  Do you desire to see positive change in your marriage, parenting, health, spiritual life, career, management of your home, or another area of your life?  Do you fear that you are failing to give your time and your best to the people you love most?

I know how you feel! I know exactly what it’s like to have a to-do list forever long and feeling like I am failing at the things and relationships that matter most.

I recently discovered the power of life planning and I want to share this with you! I’ve created an online program to help you get a clear picture of your progress and passion in each major area of your life and learn how to improve your life moving forward with tangible action items. I want to help you create a life plan.

My online program will walk you through important reflection and planning processes as we seek to be the best stewards possible of the lives the Lord has entrusted us. This will truly be a life changing program and I’m thrilled to come alongside you as we work toward an intentional life together.

Included in the program investment, you will receive:

  • A FREE book (Michael Hyatt’s Living Forward)
  • An adult coloring book
  • A comprehensive life assessment
  • Helpful templates for life planning
  • The guidance and support needed to come up with your life plan
  • And the knowledge and drive needed to implement  your new life plan
  • Productivity Tips and Tricks
  • One group video training call
  • One 30 minute Life Coaching Call to talk specifically through your life plan and goals

Imagine a life where you are happy, balanced, energized, and focused on the things that matter most.

After completing this program, you will have the necessary blueprint and action items to thrive in all areas of your life.

Contact me today for a free consult to discuss your goals and needs. I am thrilled to work with you through this program.

The next Intentional Living Academy will begin in February 2017.

Click the button below to pay now ($97) and reserve your place in the next academy.

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I look forward to working with you!
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