Personal Mission Statement

personal mission statementThere are mission and vision statements for EVERY organization, school, business, church, etc. that I can think of. I’ll be honest and tell you that when I see, yet another, mission statement my first reaction is usually “yada yada . . . same ol’, same ol’” and I quickly scan and move on.  The truth is that a mission statement isn’t at all helpful, unless it’s something that you are passionate about and it inspires you.  Only then does the mission statement become important and so much more than words on a page.  

The second piece that makes a mission statement worth the work and actually make a difference in your life is keeping it in front of you on a regular basis.  It doesn’t do any good to go to the work of writing it and then file it away or stuff it in a drawer.  It needs to be displayed or at least placed where you will read and reflect on it regularly.  I placed mine in my prayer journal.  I see it regularly and can pray through the pieces that I included.

Four years ago, I worked through the process of writing my own mission statement and continue to revise it.

My mission in life is . . .

*To daily walk with the Lord seeking Him in prayer, studying and obeying His word and surrendering to His will for my life.

*To allow Christ’s light to shine through me that others would see, come to know and praise our Father in Heaven.

*To make Jay feel loved, respected, encouraged, and supported.

*To love, encourage, train and have fun with Cason, Charli and Landri, while raising them to know, deeply love and trust in God..

*To choose joy despite circumstances.

*To praise God with my words and actions.

*To encourage others in their journeys of faith in God and as they aim to live their best lives and serving those in their circles of influence, as I pursue growth in these areas for myself.

I’ll confess.  I fall very, VERY SHORT of these things!!!!!  There’s lots of room for growth.  But this is who I WANT to be, and reading these things on a regular basis inspires me to make choices that move me closer to living a life in which I am accomplishing these things on a regular basis.

I hear the same thing over and over again from the ladies that go through my Intentional Living Academy.  They very often express their discouragement with where they currently are in life as we complete the assessment and several exercises leading up to the life plan writing process. It’s painful sometimes to reflect on our lives, but the truth is that we won’t see positive change until we recognize where were currently are (which is not only just recognizing the room for growth, but also means celebrating the good in our lives), determining where we want to go, and developing a plan on how to get there.  This process brings so much clarity and peace!  It’s the first step to living the lives we dream of!

As a side note, I will tell you that as women, we can be very hard on ourselves.  Often times we see our shortcomings and the areas that aren’t where we want them to be, but fail to step back and celebrate the many things that we are doing right.  Stopping to the celebrate has been an important part of my Intentional Living Academy for many of my clients.

When writing your own personal mission statement, I’d encourage you to start by answering these questions.

  1. Who are the most important people in your life?  How do you want to positively affect them?  What kind of relationship do you want to develop with them?
  2. What do you value most?
  3. What do you want others to think of when they think of you?  How do you want to positively impact the people you come in contact with?
  4. How has God gifted you and how will you use that gift?
  5. What brings you joy, peace and contentment?

I’d highly encourage you to answer these questions and would love to hear your answers.  I’m passionate about empower women to become their best selves and live their best lives!

If you are interested in learning more about living intentionally, I’d love to offer you my FREE Intentional Living Assessment.  Click here to sign up to receive it.


self-careSo you are probably asking yourself one of two questions right now . . . What exactly is self-care?  OR  Who has time for self-care?  I’ve had to work through both of these answers as I’ve gone through the life plan writing process and what I’ve come to find is that this, along with my faith/spiritual growth, these are the two areas that fuel and drive all of my other areas.   When I’m not pursuing the Lord through prayer and reading His word daily and when I’m not taking time to refuel myself, I have very little to give others.


Self-care is purposefully taking time to improve you and your physical, mental, and emotional health.  It’s doing something or could be taking time to do nothing, to refuel and restore your joy.  Self-care can come in many forms.  There’s no one size fits all.  The key is to find something that gives you a feeling of joy, fulfillment, and renewal.


This is one area of my life that I was neglecting as I first began the process of life plan writing.  Probably because I didn’t value it and didn’t fully realize how taking care of me helped to propel my other life accounts forward.  I started adding self-care into my daily schedule by planning about 30 minutes a day (sometimes broken into smaller chunks of time) to be alone and do something that relaxes and rejuvenates me.  Some days that means just sitting in the backyard for 10 minutes, without my phone, to think and pray.  Some days that means picking up a book to read. Other days it means turning on a favorite show, kicking up my feet, sipping hot cinnamon tea and taking time for me despite the disastrous state of our home.  I don’t think the difference for me came in taking the time, but in the shift of my attitude.  I have started to release the feelings of guilt for not being up and “doing”.  There will always be dishes that need to be done, laundry that needs to be folded, toys that need to be picked up and blog posts that need to be written, but I’m started to really enjoy taking time for me and not feeling guilty.  


After a short time of relaxing, I’m able to jump up and get after my daily to-do’s with much more efficiency and I’m much less likely to jump to frustration with my husband or kids.  It’s amazing what a little self-care can do!  Try it!

I’d love to connect with you.  Share how you are doing with self-care or what you will do to incorporate it TODAY in the comments below.

Life Planning: Spiritual Growth

life planning spiritual growthThe process of life planning has been a very eye-opening and beneficial one for me. In far too many of the areas of my life that I would consider a priority, I found that where I wanted to be and where I actually was were FAR from the same.  My spiritual growth was one of these.


When I started life planning in March, one area that it was very clear that I wanted to be more intentional, focused growth was my spiritual life.  I love the Lord, have given Him my heart and desire to walk with Him daily, but when I really looked at what I was daily doing to pursue this growth and relationship, I fell VERY short!


My goal is to live my life in a way so that there is no question of my faith or loyalty to my Savior.  I want others to see Him in me and know where my joy and hope lies.  My desire is to be growing in my relationship with the Lord through Bible Study and prayer, understanding and walking out His purpose for me.  The reality was that I had been very ‘hit and miss’ with my Bible study and prayer time and I didn’t have a solid plan or focus in these areas.  I don’t know how I thought I was going to grow in my faith by going day to day “winging” in without a plan.  As a part of my life planning, I put pen to paper and started writing down some action steps.  I came up with four very simple and manageable, but doable action steps and I came up with a plan to implement them.  Three months later, I decided to go back through this process with the ladies in my Intentional Living Academy.  While I certainly haven’t attained all of the goals in this area, I have made huge steps in the right direction just by implementing those 4 action steps.


I’m such a believer in the process that I take the ladies in my Intentional Living Academy through because I’ve seen it work in my own life as well as in the lives of others.
If you are interested in talking more about life planning, your goals or my Intentional Living Academy, please reach out to me via the Contact tab at the top!  I’d love to help you life your best life!