I am so thankful for the uplifting support of Michelle through her fitness groups. I am so inspired and motivated to take care of myself both physically, mentally, and spiritually when I take part in her groups. I feel better physically and I have more energy and more peace.


I cannot say enough good things about joining an accountability group! I joined my first one two years ago, and I lost over 20 pounds. Even more importantly, I have gained confidence, friendships, encouragement, and strength! Taking that one little step completely changed my life. I learned that I can do anything I set my mind to do. I used to be a person that would never follow through with any program – I would begin, then I would quit. A few months later, I would begin again, get discouraged, and give up – yet again. I was unhappy, unmotivated, and uninspired, in all aspects of life. These groups are not only beneficial to your fitness and weight loss journey – they are truly a lifesaver!



When I started this group I was trying to eat better, but only did so about 2-3 times a week. I was also only working out 2-3 times a week as well. Since joining I have been more consistent with my eating and have 100% been consistent with my workouts. I haven’t felt this good in years and I am so much stronger and healthier now. This group has encouraged me when I don’t  want to work out or when it would just be easier to go get fast food.  This has given me the encouragement and desire to keep moving towards my goals.


This is the first 30 day group I have joined. I have enjoyed it so much! I have noticed several non-scale victories from my daily workouts and shakeology. I have more energy, no afternoon crash, better sleep at night, clear skin, my clothes fit better. My favorite result is that my almost daily joint aches and muscle aches have disappeared. Usually every night my body would ache and I would need to reach for tylenol. I love the daily check in and walking this journey with the most incredibly sweet women on earth! We rely on the Lord and each other to keep going and to stay on track! I can’t wait for the next group!


This group has been so beneficial in my journey to being a healthier me.  I lost a couple of pounds and gained some new healthy habits along the way.  I’ve gained a stronger understanding of what my relationship with food should be and realize that I don’t need to snack all day to be fulfilled. I’ve found that fulfillment in eating healthy foods and exercising.  I am proud of myself for cleaning up my diet and being more active.  I don’t want to revert back to habits that left me feeling ashamed of myself and in a fog every afternoon.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to go through this journey with such supportive and dedicated women.  It was so worth it!